Grilled Peach and Lemon Agave Chicken Salad


Salads are a staple in my life and I am always looking for fun variations to create at home. Organic Girl has long been a favorite of mine and late last year I discovered their line of dressings which are, in my opinion, some of the best store-bought dressings on the market. As one who rarely buys dressings at the store (I prefer to make my own), I am always sure to have at least one bottle of Organic Girl dressing in my refrigerator.… Read the rest

Kickin’ Cactus Mule #TracyTastesAmerica


I am not ready to leave my culinary tour of Arizona yet and just had to share my version of a prickly pear mule, which I affectionately call a “Kickin’ Cactus Mule” and was inspired by a recipe I found on Pinterest for an Arizona Mule.  Recently I discovered Tanteo, which is a jalapeño infused tequila. When it comes to cocktails, I like it hot so I am always experimenting with spicy drinks and infusing different spirits with peppers.… Read the rest

My 2016 Book Challenge

book quote

For the last few years I have broken the same promise to myself which is to read more books. As a child, I was an avid reader and would finish books in a day or two. Now it seems I barely have time to read a magazine let alone a book. A few weeks ago I saw that a friend on Facebook posted about a book challenge in which one must read a book a week for an entire year.… Read the rest

FarmTable Kitchen at Locale Market with Tampa Bay Bloggers


Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I am sad the holidays are over. Every January I go through a mini-depression because it seems that every year I spend the entire month of December working and do not get to really enjoy the holiday festivities or get a lot of rest. This December was no different and I must say that one of the highlights of the month was getting together with fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers at Locale Market in St.… Read the rest

Hello 2016


Happy New Year’s Day. As I sit here covered in paint from head to toe and exhausted as can be, I wanted to make one of my personal resolutions happen by getting back into writing and blogging. 2015 was a year I would like to forget and while there were some great moments, the majority of the year was filled with darkness. I hit some pretty low points this year financially and with that comes depression.… Read the rest

Del Frisco’s Grille Tampa


Every now and again a girl needs to eat out with like minded individuals and just enjoy a damn good meal. Last week I was invited to lunch at Del Frisco’s Grille in Tampa with fellow members of Tampa Bay Bloggers and let me just say, WOW! First of all, there is nothing I enjoy more than dining with fellow food lovers. For starters, we have lots in common, we appreciate the Tampa Bay area food community, we can shamelessly indulge and not feel guilty and lastly, we get the whole “I gotta take a picture and post to Instagram” concept more so than our non-blogging friends.… Read the rest

The Original Arizona Biltmore Tequila Sunrise #TracyTastesAmerica


So when I ask you what is in a Tequila Sunrise, what comes to mind? Let me guess, the hit song by the Eagles or the adult libation made with tequila, orange juice and grenadine, right? Most of us, including myself, tend to think of the classic cocktail that was created in California in the early 1970’s. What would you say if I told you that what you have been drinking is not the original recipe?… Read the rest

Arizona Cheese Crisps #TracyTastesAmerica


Happy Monday!  I don’t know about you but I am so glad football season is back. Sundays are best enjoyed with multiple NFL games and lots of good food. Yesterday I resumed my #TracyTastesAmerica project by visiting my next stop, which is the state of Arizona. While I have never really been there expect for driving through on my way to Florida from California, I have always been intrigued by it beauty and diverse culinary scene.… Read the rest

Alaskan Wilderness Lodge Oatmeal Cookies #TracyTastesAmerica


I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. For me, there was nothing but rest and relaxation. Since I finally had a few days off and was able to get back in the kitchen after a very long absence, I picked up right where I left off with my #TracyTastesAmerica project. Alaska was the last state I visited and I was ready for more.  I came across a recipe on Pinterest for Wilderness Lodge Cookies from the website Alaska From Scratch, and was intrigued.… Read the rest

Lychee Bellini Cocktail #SundaySupper


Happy Sunday! Do you ever browse the produce isle and get excited when you see something unique like dragon fruit? I enjoy experimenting with different fruits and one of my favorites is lychee. Many moons ago, when I still lived in California, I had my first lychee martini at bar in San Francisco and it was love at first sip. This delicate and floral fruit won me over and is now one of my favorite fruits.… Read the rest