Sublime Doughnuts

Forget diamonds, doughnuts are a girls best friend! Cake, cream filled, glazed, iced… I love them all and am always on the lookout for cool donut shops in my travels. 

This past May, I attended the BlogHer Food Conference in Atlanta. It was an amazing experience and I met some incredible food bloggers.  My time to explore Atlanta was limited due to my tight schedule, but I made time to stop by Sublime Doughnuts after reading about them on Urbanspoon. Since opening in August of 2008, Sublime Doughnuts has been a West Midtown favorite. Owner and Chef, Kamal Grant is an Atlanta native and has done an amazing job with Sublime. I went to their web-site and looked at their menu; Chocolate Banana Fritter, Butterfinger, Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Red Velvet, Orange Dream Star and more.  They had me at Nutella and I headed over there one morning before my conference.  When I opened the door, the smell of fresh, hot doughnuts filled the air and I was warmly greeted by the staff. Everything looked amazing, so I asked the staff what they recommended. I tried the “A-Town Cream“, which is their spin on a Boston Cream but BETTER! Filled with creamy custard and topped with Belgian Callebault dark chocolate, this doughnut really puts Atlanta on the doughnut map.

Next I tried the Nutella doughnut.  Nutella is my favorite chocolate spread and I use it in everything; pancakes, waffles, cookies, cupcakes and more.  Sublime’s Nutella Doughnut is INCREDIBLE. It is like biting into a fluffy, chocolate hazelnut pillow of sweetness. 

I just had to try one more before I headed to my conference, so I went with the Chocolate Banana Fritter and ordered it Elvis style. Paired with a cup of coffee, this doughnut is king. The warm banana fritter is topped with chocolate and then drizzled with peanut butter cream.  YUM!  I could not help falling in love with this doughnut.

My partner in crime ordered  the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and let me try a bite. If I wasn’t so full, I could have eaten the whole doughnut.  The chocolate and peanut butter is intoxicating and the Reese’s on top is the perfect finish. This doughnut should be illegal.

While I was finishing my coffee, I walked around the shop and was captivated by all of the cool artwork. I wanted to stay and relax a bit, but I had to get back to my conference. I spoke with some of the customers and they all raved about Sublime. One lady was buying a few dozen and even offered me one so I could try another flavor. I just love Southern hospitality!


Sublime Doughnuts is located at 535 10th Street NW in West Midtown, Atlanta. If you are in the area, you must stop by. I am looking forward to my next trip to Atlanta and hope to meet Sublime owner, Chef Kamal Grant. I want to thank him for creating such divine doughnuts and making my last trip to Atlanta so special.


You can find Sublime Doughnuts on Facebook by clicking here.

Here is a cool video for Sublime: Sublime Commerical

Sublime Doughnuts on Urbanspoon


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