Holey Donuts! are Heavenly!

I love reminiscing about my childhood days of getting donuts from Winchell’s Donut Shop every Saturday morning. My brother and I would leap out of bed earlier than on a school day and head over to Winchell’s with our dad. We would pick our favorite donuts and bring them home while they were still warm in the box.  Our house was filled with the scent of warm, fresh donuts and the sounds of classic Saturday morning cartoons.  As Edith and Archie Bunker would say, “Those were the days.”

Now that I have kids, I have carried on the Saturday morning donut tradition and they love going to Dunkin’ Donuts. We go there once a week and they get their donuts and I just get Cinnamon Coffee, which is my absolute favorite.  I very rarely will get a donut and usually order something healthier, like their egg white and veggie flat bread sandwich. I usually splurge during the fall when they have their pumpkin donuts which are delicious.  If only I could have their metabolism!

  Rocco and Gianna enjoying their Dunkin' Donuts in May, 2010

About a month ago, I was browsing through Facebook and noticed an ad for a place called Holey Donuts! The ad mentioned that they were gourmet donuts that were low-fat, which caught my eye. I clicked on their page and their donuts looked not only beautiful, but mouthwatering.  I began reading about the company and was intrigued. Holey Donuts! contain an average of  150-250 calories and 3-4 grams of fat per donut while the average donut contains 15-20 grams of fat and as many as 480 calories!  The more I read about them, the more I wanted to try a Holey Donut!

Photo courtesy of Holey Donuts

Launched in 2008, Brooklyn-based Holey Donuts! is the sweet creation of Frank Dilullo. Frank grew up in the donut industry and his father was one of the first franchisees of what is today’s most successful donut chain. He went on to own his own donut shops and one day decided to create a donut that was like no other.  He wanted something that was high-end and delicious, yet healthier than the average donut. Frank prepared donuts that were cooked in a different way and not deep-fried. After trying one of his donuts that were prepared using his new method, he took one bite and said, “HOLY $#!%, these are really good!” Voila! Holey Donuts! was born.

Image courtesy of Holey Donuts!

Holey Donuts! are made by hand and require 22 steps from start to finish. They are then flash-frozen and shipped via Fed-Ex. Once you receive them, place them in the freezer until you are ready to enjoy your guilt-free donut.  Each box comes with instructions on how to have the ultimate Holey Donut! experience. I was the lucky winner of 3 boxes of assorted Holey Donuts! this past week.  I had them shipped to my office and let everyone try them.  My co-workers were blown away at how delicious they were. I tried the Low-Fat Vanilla Frosted and it was scrumptious!  With only 148 calories and 3 grams of fat, I could eat one every day. It paired well with my Island Coconut Coffee by Green Mountain.

One of my co-workers tried the Low-Fat Chocolate Chip and is still talking about it.  He is really into health and fitness and said it was the best donut he has ever had.  He was supposed to save me a bite but could not resist eating the whole thing.

Photo courtesy of Holey Donuts!

I still have two boxes of Holey Donuts! in my freezer.  One is assorted and one is of the 100 Calorie Cinnamon Bun Middles which I am going to share with some of my friends so they can have the Holey Donut! experience.  100 calories in a Cinnamon Bun?  Now that something I could only dream about!

Image courtesy of Holey Donuts!

If I ever make it to Brooklyn, I hope to meet Frank and shake his hand. He is my donut hero and I love what he has created. His donuts are sinfully delicious, yet they will not leave you asking your waistline for forgiveness. I will be placing another order real soon and can’t wait to share these gourmet, low-fat pieces of heaven with my friends.  To learn more about Holey Donuts! or to place an order, visit their web-site at www.holeydonuts.net . Be sure to “like” their Facebook page, as they are always offering discounts, specials and give-aways. You can find their Facebook page by clicking here.


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