Rachel’s Ginger Beer #Seattle

I just returned to Tampa after visiting Seattle for the first time in almost 20 years. During this trip, I was reminded of how much I love Seattle and became truly captivated by the beauty and charm of the Emerald City. As a West Coast born and bred gal, my heart truly belongs to the “best coast.”  There is something magical about the Pacific Northwest and some of my fondest memories are my childhood family road trips from San Jose to Seattle. At an early age, I became enamored by the culture and vibe of this eclectic city and with this recent visit, my feelings are still the same.

During my first trip back to Pike’s Place this past week, I spotted a place that caught my eye. Positioned on a hill overlooking Elliot Bay and the farmer’s market at Post Alley is Rachel’s Ginger Beer. I was intrigued by the long line of anxious patrons that seemed to be half a mile long. After asking someone about Rachel’s, I was told that it was a “must try” for my trip and that their Ginger Beer would change my life.  There was no need to twist my arm, as I have a fondness for Ginger Beer and anything made local. I returned the following day with friend and fellow blogger Jen, aka The Footie Patootie, and we enjoyed some locally crafted ginger beer cocktails. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors of assorted flavors on display in 32 oz growlers. With seasonal flavors such as blood orange, orange beet, strawberry, white peach, hibiscus and blueberry, everything is brewed with care using only the finest produce from local farmers.


Growlettes of Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Jen ordered a Moscow Mule and I went with their Porch Swing which consists of Rachel’s Ginger Beer, gin and Aperol. My cocktail was superb and I loved the blending of the flavors. Similar to Campari, Aperol is a classic with a distinctive taste and I love how it shines in this brilliant concoction. This was my first time tasting Rachel’s  Ginger Beer and it really accentuated the flavors of the gin and Aperol. This cocktail was one of the highlights of my trip. As much as I wanted to try another cocktail, I decided to hold off and make a return trip before I had to head back to Tampa.


Moscow Mule (left) and Porch Swing (right)

I returned to Rachel’s Ginger Beer two days later, as I had been thirsting for a Dark & Stormy, which is a classic cocktail made with ginger beer. I will never forget the first time I had a Dark & Stormy which was circa 2001 at a restaurant in Mountain View, CA. I can’t remember the name of the place but my friend was a bartender there and made me my first Dark & Stormy. Needless to say, I loved it and it is one of my favorite cocktails to this day. As expected, the Dark & Stormy at RGB was sensational and I think I gulped it down in under ten minutes. The spice of the ginger beer and the sweetness of the rum was a blissful combination and I am still thinking about this drink a few days later.


Dark & Stormy

If you in the Seattle area, I highly recommend making a trip to Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This is one of my favorite spots in the Pike Place area and the staff is incredibly friendly. Cheers!


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