Dough, Tampa’s Sweet Treasure

Imagine your sweetest dreams coming to life. Vibrant colors, decadent flavors, funky doughnuts, decadent cupcakes and lots of creamy gelato. Lucky for me, all I have to do is drive a few miles to Dough in South Tampa. This whimsical and eclectic place is a bakery, bistro and my personal favorite coffee spot. Since opening its doors a little over a year ago, it is one of Tampa Bay’s hottest spots and continues to wow guests on a daily basis. This comes as no surprise, as it it an extension of the über popular gastro pub Datz, which is a Tampa institution. As spring now upon us, I can’t think of a better way to take a break from my busy schedule and treat myself to a cool, afternoon treat…….gelato. Dough is the ideal place to relax in a gorgeous setting and indulge in some of their housemade gelato. As a girl who loves gelato as much as shoes, Dough is my happy place.


Spicy Peanut Gelato

Last week I met friend and fellow blogger, The Famous Ashley Grant, at Dough for gelato, chocolate covered bacon, Nutella lattes and good conversation. It was a warm day in Tampa and I was seeking some heat relief with some cool gelato. Made in-house, their gelato selection always peaks my interest with their constantly evolving flavor selection.  As a lover of all things spicy, I started off with their Spicy Peanut gelato which is a creamy blend of savory peanuts with a hint of Cayenne pepper. If you like sweet heat, you must try this. It goes down nice and smooth and then finishes with a kick, almost like a party in your mouth. It was gone in less than five minutes and I could not resist trying another flavor, PB&J. Oh yes, I was feeling like a kid again as I indulged in my second helping of gelato which combines the flavors of the classic adult kid’s favorite sandwich.


PB&J Gelato


As I got up to browse their cupcake selection, I was captivated by this painting of a happy girl with a bowl of gelato. I was feeling the same way and was just getting started. I still had doughnuts and cupcakes to conquer.


Oh Dough, you really are a girl’s best friend. With a stunning array of gorgeous cupcakes, I could not decide what to order. I took a few home including Red Velvet and POTATO CHIP!


Red Velvet Cupcakes

 Yes, that is right, a potato chip cupcake. While I had every intention of taking it to go to share with my coworkers, this baby did not stand a chance. It was begging to be devoured and as I sank my teeth into the sweet and salty little piece of heaven, all I could think about was how lucky I am to live so close to Dough.


Potato Chip Cupcake

 As a true food lover, I am always captivated by their retail selection which includes unique and items such as cocktail bitters, cookbooks, infused jams and more. Each visit features something new and I love shopping at Dough for gifts.


Bathtub Gin Organic Artisan Jam

I spotted some chocolate covered candied jalapeños and just had to take them home. Are you beginning to see my obsession with sweet and spicy? :)


Little Bird Chocolate Covered Candied Jalapenos


I must say, Dough puts the dough in doughnut and no trip is ever complete without taking home a box for myself and my kiddos. While they always feature the classics, they are known for their cutting edge flavors such as root beer, bubble gum, maple bacon, spicy Mayan chocolate, M&M’s and more. I tried to take a few more pictures, but a huge crowd came in and was surrounding the doughnut case. Take my word for it, they have the best doughnuts in town. Period.


Classic Sprinkle Doughnuts


Each trip to Dough is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. For that very reason, I will be sharing many more of my Dough adventures with you.

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