West Indies Salad #TracyTastesAmerica


I am super excited about today’s feature, as it was shared with me by a gentleman from Alabama. A few weeks ago I was at an event in Tampa and most of the attendees were from out of state. The subject of my #TracyTastesAmerica project came up and when I told everyone I was working on features for Alabama, one of the gentlemen proudly exclaimed that he was from there and asked me if I had ever heard of West Indies Salad.… Read the rest

Smokehouse Cocktail


When I think of the South, two things come to mind….bourbon and bacon. I mean, what can be better? As I have been researching cocktails that are specific to each state in America, the Alabama Slammer was pretty much all I found for Alabama and I just could not bring myself to feature that for this project. Now do not get me wrong, I have nothing against this iconic cocktail, I just do not care for super sweet drinks and wanted to find something unique.… Read the rest

Montgomery Pie #TracyTastesAmerica

2015-1-29 Eats! Winthrop_DSC_031

I am so excited to start my #TracyTastesAmerica project with Alabama. When I think of this beautiful Southern state, several things come to mind. Visions of succulent BBQ, sweet tea, lazy summer days, charming houses with big porches and of course, Roll Tide. While I have not really had a chance to visit Alabama, other than driving through on my way to Florida from California, I hope to return one day and taste some of their signature dishes.… Read the rest

Cooking My Way Around The USA


In exactly 26 days I am turning 39 40. Holy shit, time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was having my very first drink on my 21st birthday. I lived in San Jose, CA at the time and had just finished my serving shift at Bandera, now renamed the Los Altos Grill. A few servers invited me to their favorite local watering hole, Los Altos Bar and Grill (aka L’Bag, which closed several years ago), to celebrate.… Read the rest

Plant City Mule

2015-1-29 Eats! Winthrop_DSC_015

Lately I have been obsessed with creating different variations of the classic Moscow Mule. For those that are not familiar, the Moscow Mule is a cocktail consisting of vodka, ginger beer and a dash of lime juice. Born in 1941 in New York, it surged in popularity in Los Angeles and made a huge comeback a few years ago at bars and restaurants across America. Traditionally served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule is easy to make and with a little bit of imagination, you can concoct some exciting twists on this classic.… Read the rest

Buttermilk Pie


I just spent two glorious days exploring Florida cattle ranches as a guest on the Florida Beef Council’s Farm to Fork Tour. While I will be featuring highlights of my trip later, one of the things that really knocked my boots off on this tour was a piece of buttermilk pie that I enjoyed after lunch at Live Oak Stud in Ocala, Florida. Seriously, the pie was so incredible, I could not stop thinking about it the rest of the day and wanted to bake my own.… Read the rest

Blood Orange Margarita #MyPinterestingLife


Happy Friday! I love this time of year when blood oranges are in season. As soon as I see them in the market, I am sure to purchase a bunch and enjoy them in everything from fresh juice and cocktails to salads and in marinades. Perfect for snacking, these gorgeous pieces of citrus are one of my favorite fruits. As with all of my favorite things, I search for new ideas on Pinterest and the other day I came across a recipe for Blood Orange Margaritas from the blog, How Sweet It Is, and decided to recreate the recipe and make it my own.… Read the rest

San Francisco Cioppino #SundaySupper


I was beyond excited when I saw the theme for this week’s #SundaySupper……Hometown Food. It is of no secret that I am a homesick California Girl living in Tampa that left my heart in San Francisco. Although it has almost been 12 years since I left, the delicious memories of my city by the bay will never fade from my memory. While most associate San Francisco with clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl (I can’t blame them) for me, my favorite dish will always be cioppino.… Read the rest

Raspberries + Dark Chocolate = Sweet Bliss


If you are like me and get chocolate cravings while trying to “be good” and stick to a healthy eating regime, then I have the perfect snack for you. Inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest from the blog, Got Chocolate, these sweet little nibbles will satisfy your craving without all the guilt.


With raspberries in season and Valentine’s Day around the corner, this simple snack can be whipped up in two minutes and enjoyed with a nice glass of wine.… Read the rest

Cranberry Mojito #MyPinterestingLife


I love this time of year when fresh cranberries are in abundance at all the local markets. While most people enjoy them only during the holidays, I like to use them through the month of February because they are so versatile. Today I came across a pin for a Cranberry Mojito and decided to test one out while at work.


Easy to prepare, a Cranberry Mojito is a festive spin on the classic cocktail and perfect for a Valentine’s themed party.… Read the rest