Blood Orange Margarita #MyPinterestingLife


Happy Friday! I love this time of year when blood oranges are in season. As soon as I see them in the market, I am sure to purchase a bunch and enjoy them in everything from fresh juice and cocktails to salads and in marinades. Perfect for snacking, these gorgeous pieces of citrus are one of my favorite fruits. As with all of my favorite things, I search for new ideas on Pinterest and the other day I came across a recipe for Blood Orange Margaritas from the blog, How Sweet It Is, and decided to recreate the recipe and make it my own.… Read the rest

San Francisco Cioppino #SundaySupper


I was beyond excited when I saw the theme for this week’s #SundaySupper……Hometown Food. It is of no secret that I am a homesick California Girl living in Tampa that left my heart in San Francisco. Although it has almost been 12 years since I left, the delicious memories of my city by the bay will never fade from my memory. While most associate San Francisco with clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl (I can’t blame them) for me, my favorite dish will always be cioppino.… Read the rest

Raspberries + Dark Chocolate = Sweet Bliss


If you are like me and get chocolate cravings while trying to “be good” and stick to a healthy eating regime, then I have the perfect snack for you. Inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest from the blog, Got Chocolate, these sweet little nibbles will satisfy your craving without all the guilt.


With raspberries in season and Valentine’s Day around the corner, this simple snack can be whipped up in two minutes and enjoyed with a nice glass of wine.… Read the rest

Cranberry Mojito #MyPinterestingLife


I love this time of year when fresh cranberries are in abundance at all the local markets. While most people enjoy them only during the holidays, I like to use them through the month of February because they are so versatile. Today I came across a pin for a Cranberry Mojito and decided to test one out while at work.


Easy to prepare, a Cranberry Mojito is a festive spin on the classic cocktail and perfect for a Valentine’s themed party.… Read the rest

Heirloom Tomato, Avocado & Basil Crostini #MyPinterestingLife


Today was one of the best Saturdays I have had in ages. Two of my dear friends came and picked me up, brought me a piping hot soy latte, and took me to a new market I have been anxious to check out in Saint Petersburg. This amazing place is none other than Locale Market. A food lover’s dream, Locale Market is the brain child of Chef Michael Mina and Chef Don Pintabona. Locale is like Disneyland for food lovers, as you will find everything from fresh local seafood, produce, cheese, wine, desserts, coffee, sushi and more.… Read the rest

El Diablo #MyPinterestingLife


Happy Friday! I am very excited about today’s cocktail recipe that I found on Pinterest. A classic spin on The Diablo, this recipe uses Pisco in place of blanco tequila. The timing could not be more perfect, as I recently purchased two cases of Pisco Portón for the bar I manage and have been anxious to whip up some delicious cocktails. If you are not familiar, Pisco is a colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored brandy  produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile.… Read the rest

Valentine’s Day Love Tree #MyPinterestingLife


I must admit, I go through a bout of depression after the holiday season when I take down the Christmas tree and my collection of beautiful ornaments. This has been going on ever since I was a child and even though I am now in my thirties, nothing has changed. January always represented a long and depressing month. Vacation ends and holiday gluttony is suddenly replaced with healthy resolutions. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite “Hallmark” holidays because I love everything it represents: love, friendship, flowers, champagne and chocolate.… Read the rest

Beautify Your Water #MyPinterestingLife


My bar at work and my refrigerator at home are filled with an abundance of fresh herbs, fruits and edible flowers. I love adding color to everything from sparkling water and desserts to salads and cocktails. Like 99% of the world, I am trying to be healthier this year and drink more h20. While plain aqua can get boring, I enjoy sprucing it up with fresh fruits to give it a hint of sweetness. I came across a stunning pin on Pinterest of fruit and herb infused ice cubes that was so beautiful, I just had to try it myself.… Read the rest

Vanilla For A Delicious Smelling House #MyPinterestingLife


Have you ever walked into a model home and the smell of fresh baked cookies makes you want to move right in? Or perhaps you have a favorite candle that sets the tone for a cozy night at home with its intoxicating scent. I love candles but I have an eight year old son that loves to blow them out when I am not looking. Last year I came across a pin from The Budget Savvy Diva that shows you how to use vanilla to make your house smell amazing.… Read the rest

Good Food, Good Health #MyPinterestingLife

good food

Sometimes simple words produce huge results and when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have always believed that less is more. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. If you want to have good health, eat good food. Simple right? I found this pin and added it to both my healthy living board and my refrigerator.

good food

Over the weekend I spend a good hour purging my kitchen of all the sinful food left over from the holiday and replaced everything with healthy snacks such as apples, celery, Greek yogurt, almonds, lean protein and quinoa.… Read the rest